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Pizza Pans

Commercial Pizza pans are round metal cooking pans that allow you to effectively bake and cook pizzas and are more likely to result in a crispier crust. Ebor Catering Supplies offer a full range of commercial pizza pans, pizza trays, commercial pizza accessories and pizza utensils.The range is very extensive enabling you to add to your kitchen or fully stock your food establishment to produce the perfect pizza every time. The range offered includes thin crust pizza pans and deep pan pizza pans both in black iron and aluminium. The introduction to the range of increasingly popular square pizza pans perfectly compliment any bistro or fast food menu. The new range of sicilian commercial pizza pans are also fast becoming a very popular item for any kitchen as they are perfect for many dishes. The range of pans is complimented by a selection of commercial pizza accessories, cutters and dockers alongside several delivery bags, serving bats, peels and dough trays. We do recommend that you season all of your commercial pizza pans (except non stick) as this creates a patina effect that becomes stick resistant. To "season" black iron pans before use, wash in warm soapy water and quickly dry, ideally in a warm oven, then wipe a small amout of cooking oil on all surfaces and bake until the oil has burnt onto the pan. Aluminium pans do not need to be seasoned as they will not rust. 

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Pizza Pans