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Food and Wine Pairing

When it comes to pairings, not much beats a glass of wine and plate of great food. A wine can really compliment a dish, so choosing the right tipple is essential to an enjoyable meal. Whether it’s something comforting such as a roast dinner or you’re creating a light fish supper, read our guide on how to pair the right wine with your meal. 

The taste of a wine are made up of a number of different components, including sugar, tannins, fruit, acid and of course, the alcohol content. Food flavours are also made up of different components, including fat, sugar, salt and acid. To successfully pair a wine with a meal, you need to choose a drink that compliments the components of both the drink with the food.

Spicy Foods - Low Alcohol

If you are having a curry night, make sure your wine is of the low alcohol variety. Alcohol heightens the oils in the mouth that make spicy food hot, which can create an unbearably spicy experience. Choose a wine that has a low alcohol content, one that’s on the sweeter side to counteract the spicy dish. 

best wine for spicy foods

Red Meat - Tannic Reds

The tannins in red wine are astringent compounds that help compliment the red meat, helping to refresh the palate. If you’re dining on duck, sausages, lamb or beef, opt for a tannic red such as cabernet sauvignon. 

best wine for red meat
Appetisers - Dry Rose

If you’re serving appetisers, choose a dry rose wine to compliment your hors d'oeuvres. The freshness and fruity flavours pair perfectly with a light bite such as an appetiser or crudites. 

best wine for appetisers

Salmon - Chardonnay

If you are serving fatty fish such as salmon or seafood in a sauce, serve with Chardonnay from California or any silky white wine. 

best wine for salmon
Salty Foods - Champagne 

For any meals that are salty, choose champagne. A dry sparkling wine with a touch of sweetness will pair perfectly with dishes that contain salty sauces such as soy or tomato. 

best wine for salty food

Mushroom / Truffles - Earthy Wine

If you are serving up earthy foods such as wild mushrooms or truffles, pair with a wine that has an earthy taste like a pinot noir. 

best wine for mushroom dishes
Fruit - Sparkling White Wine 

Don’t go OTT with the sweetness of the wine for fruity dessert. Instead, opt for something lighter to balance out the sweet taste of the fruit with a sparkling white such as a moscato d’asti.  

wine that goes with fruit
Tart Sauces - Sauvignon Blanc

If your meal consists of tarte dressings and sauces, opt for a sauvignon blanc. The zippyness of the wine helps counteract the tangy taste.

wine that goes with tart sauces
Cheese - Dry Rose

Indulging in a rich, cheesy dish? Serve up with a glass of dry rose. The combination of acidity and fruit flavours will balance out any meal that features a lot of cheese. 

best wine to pair with cheese
Fish - Pinot Grigio

A pinot grigio or a chablis will help bring out the flavour in lean fish. The zest of a pinot grigio will help balance the delicate flavour of the fish dish. 

what wine goes well with fish

Barbecue - Malbec

Planning an authentic south american barbecue night? Enjoy with a glass of malbec or a shiraz. The bold flavours of malbec are the perfect match for the bold flavours of meat covered in sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.

best wine to serve with barbecue
Herbs - Gruner Veltliner

Any dish that contains an abundance of fresh herbs is best served with a gruner veltliner. The citrus and clover scents of the wine is a great pairing for a dish that features sage, basil or thyme. 

wine that goes well with herby dishes

Asian - Off Dry Riesling

If you are creating an asian dish full of sweet and spicy flavours, opt for an off dry riesling. The slight sweet taste of the wine will calm the heat from the spicy meal. 

best wine for asian dishes
Lamb - Rioja

A classic or even a contemporary lamb dish is best served with a rioja wine. The fruity taste is a perfect match for the bold flavours of the meat. 

wine to serve with lamb
Shellfish - Chenin Blanc

The tropical fruit taste of a chenin blanc is a great drink for a shellfish dish. If your meal consists of mussels, prawns, crab or lobster, it will be fully complemented with a glass of this floral wine. 

wine that pairs well with shellfish
Hopefully this quick guide has given you plenty of inspiration and enough info on choosing the right type of wine to pair with your meal. Don’t forget to serve your delicious dish with some stunning plates and bowls from our catering crockery collection and pour your tantalizing wine into a beautiful glass from our catering glasses range.