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Barware Glasses Guide

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression on customers, having an instagram-worthy bar is one way to impress your punters. Whether you're serving up luxurious cocktails or traditional beers, having the right glassware is essential to creating the right atmosphere in your bar area. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on glasses. Showing you exactly what you need to stock up your bar. 


We all love celebrating a special occasion with a glass of champers. Make sure you’re serving this classic drink in style with the right kind of champagne glasses. There are three different types of champagne glasses, including a flute, tulip and coupe. 

  • Flute - A flute glass is a slim shaped glass and helps preserve the bubbles, making it ideal for dry sparkling wines such as Brut and Cava.  
  • Tulip - A tulip glass is slightly wider than a flute glass and comes in slightly towards the rim. This type of glass is best for Prosecco and fruit wines as it collects more floral notes with its wider shape. 
  • Wide Tulip - A wide tulip glass is the same as above but slightly wider in shape. This style is best for vintage Champagne and aged sparkling wine as it collects more flavours of biscuit and brioche. 
  • Coupe - A coupe glass has a shallow yet wide design and is more suited to sweet sparkling wines and Spumante as it helps the bubbles disperse quickly, leading to a softer taste. 


A Martini is a classic drink made up of gin and vermouth, often garnished with olives and the beverage of choice for James Bond himself. The glass is usually a triangular shape with a long stem. This design helps the drink to stay cool and prevents the drinkers hands from warming up the beverage, as a Martini is best served ice cold. The wide triangle shape also allows the Gin wide exposure, giving the botanicals more exposure, making them more detectable. 



Many drinks and cocktails are served in highball glasses. Drinks which are often described as tall or long, a beverage which consists of a high volume of alcohol, such as a bloody mary, a Tom Collins, Mai Tai, Harvey Wallbanger, Mojito, a Long Island Iced Tea and a Singapore Sling. A highball glass is a slim, tall glass which does not have without a stem. The design accommodates the larger volume of alcohol, mixers and garnishes that the drink requires. 

Old Fashioned

An old fashioned or a rocks glass as it is also known, is a short, thick style of glass. An old fashioned is often used for drinks served with ice or short drinks such as a White Russian, an Old Fashioned and other short drinks. A short drink usually taste stronger due to the fact that the drink contains less mixer. Old fashioned glasses are also used for drinks served neat, meaning no mixer, including Whiskey and Bourbon. 

Shot Glasses
We all know a shot glass when we see one, but there are in fact a few different types of shot glass. A typical shot glass usually holds around 25ml of alcohol. The base often includes a thick piece of glass, used to reinforce it in cases where punters slam the glass down on the bar after drinking the shot. Shot glasses also come in tall form, designed for shots which have multiple or layered shots of alcohol, also known as a caballito.


A Margarita glass, as the name states, is used primarily for the Margarita cocktail. The glass features a double bowl like shape, making it ideal for adding a sugar or salt rim. The ‘well’ of the Margarita glass allows for more to be added to the cocktail, whilst allowing the drinker to hold it comfortably. 



Wine glasses often come in many shapes and sizes, but the design can have an effect on the taste, helping customers to enjoy their wine to its fullest. 

  • White wine should be served in glasses with a small bowl as it helps to preserve the floral aromas and maintains the drinks cool temperature. This type of glass also allows the white wine to express more acidity. 
  • Red wine is best served in a glass with a wide opening as it allows for a smoother taste. This shape also delivers more aroma and the large surface lets the ethanol evaporate, leading to the smoother taste. 
  • For Rose wines, this depends on the age of the wine. For a young, crisp rose, opt for a flared lip wine glass as this allows enhances the sweetness. This helps direct the wine to the part of the tongue which is sensitive to sweetness. In contrast, a short bowled glass is preferred for mature rose.


For beers and lagers, there are three different types of glasses, but similar to wine glasses, the shape and style can have an effect on the taste and experience of the beverage. 

  • A pint glass, as the name states, holds a full pint of liquid, making it ideal for pints of beer or lager. 
  • A pilsner glass is also used for beer and holds around half a pint. The glass features a fluted shape and is often used for light beers or pale lager. The shape allows the drink to maintain a good head. 
  • A beer mug is also a type of glass used for beers and features a handle to the side. This prevents the drinker from warming the drink with their hands, maintaining a cool temperature of beverage. The size of a beer mug can vary from 10 to 14 ounces. A tanker is similar to a beer mug but is often made of pewter rather than glass. 
  • A beer stein is similar to a beer mug as it features a handle. An authentic stein features a lid, designed to help keep flies and other insects out of the drink. 
  • Pokal beer glasses are another type of glass used to serve beer. Pokal glasses are very similar in design to regular beer glasses with the exception of a short stem at the base. 


As the name states, a Brandy glass is often used to drink Brandy as well as other beverages such as cognac and scotch. A Brandy glass is sometimes called a snifter and has a large bowl shape with a short stem at the base. The design allows the release of aromas. When the glass is swirled and a hand is cupped under the bowl, this helps warm the beverage and releases the flavours, creating a more enjoyable experience. 


A toddy glass is a small glass which includes a handle and is used for hot drinks such as toddys and Irish coffees. The glass is tempered, making it able to withstand heat. 

Pina Colada

A pina colada glass, also known as a poco grande glass or a hurricane glass, is as the name states used when serving a pina colada cocktail and other frozen drinks. The shape of the glass features an hourglass shape and can hold up to 20 ounces, making it ideal for large volume drinks or those which are frozen.

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